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from __future__ import division
import sys
from cbook import True, False
from transforms import RWRef

class DPI(RWRef):
    'DPI as a read/write reference'
00011 class Artist:
    Abstract base class for someone who renders into a Figure

    Public attributes
      dpi  : a DPI instance
      bbox : a Bound2D instance in display coords
      transform : a Transform instance

    aname = 'Artist'
    def __init__(self, dpi, bbox, clipOn=True):        
        self._drawable = None
        self._lod = False
        self.dpi = dpi
        self.bbox = bbox
        self._clipOn = True

    def set_clip_on(self, b):
        'Set whether artist is clipped to bbox'        
        self.set_child_attr('_clipOn', b)

00035     def set_transform(self, transform):
        Set the artist transform for self and all children
        self.set_child_attr('transform', transform)

00042     def set_child_attr(self, attr, val):
        Set attribute attr for self, and all child artists
        setattr(self, attr, val)
        for c in self.get_child_artists():
            c.set_child_attr(attr, val)

    def get_child_artists(self):
        'Return all artists contained in self'
        return []

    def get_window_extent(self):
        'Return the window extent of the Artist as a Bound2D instance'
        raise NotImplementedError('Derived must override')

00059     def get_dpi(self):
        Get the DPI of the display
        return self._dpi

    def draw(self, drawable=None, *args, **kwargs):
        'Derived classes drawing method'
        if drawable is None: drawable = self._drawable
        if drawable is None: return
        self._draw(drawable, *args, **kwargs)

    def _draw(self, drawable, *args, **kwargs):
        'Derived classes drawing method'
        raise NotImplementedError, 'Derived must override'

    def set_renderer(self, renderer):
        'Set the renderer'
        self._drawable = renderer
        for a in self.get_child_artists():

00082     def set_lod(self, on):
        Set Level of Detail on or off.  If on, the artists may examine
        things like the pixel width of the axes and draw a subset of
        their contents accordingly
        self._lod = on

    def wash_brushes(self):
        'Erase any state vars that would impair a draw to a clean palette'

        for artist in self.get_child_artists():


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