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matplotlib::axes::Subplot Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Emulate matlab's subplot command, creating axes with

  Subplot(numRows, numCols, plotNum)

where plotNum=1 is the first plot number and increasing plotNums
fill rows first.  max(plotNum)==numRows*numCols

You can leave out the commas if numRows<=numCols<=plotNum<10, as

  Subplot(211)    # 2 rows, 1 column, first (upper) plot

Definition at line 2253 of file axes.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_line
def add_patch
def bar
def clear
def cohere
def csd
def errorbar
def get_axis_bgcolor
def get_child_artists
def get_xaxis
def get_xgridlines
def get_xlim
def get_xticklabels
def get_xticklines
def get_xticks
def get_yaxis
def get_ygridlines
def get_ylim
def get_yticklabels
def get_yticklines
def get_yticks
def grid
def hist
def hlines
def in_axes
def is_first_col
def is_first_row
def is_last_col
def is_last_row
def legend
def loglog
def panx
def pany
def pcolor
def plot
def psd
def resize
def scatter
def semilogx
def semilogy
def set_axis_bgcolor
def set_axis_off
def set_axis_on
def set_title
def set_xlabel
def set_xlim
def set_xscale
def set_xticklabels
def set_xticks
def set_ylabel
def set_ylim
def set_yscale
def set_yticklabels
def set_yticks
def text
def update_viewlim
def vlines
def zoomx
def zoomy

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