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matplotlib::backends::backend_template::GraphicsContextTemplate Class Reference

Detailed Description

The graphics context provides the color, line styles, etc...  See
the gtk and postscript backends for examples of mapping the
graphics context attributes (cap styles, join styles, line widths,
colors) to a particular backend.  In GTK this is done by wrapping
a gtk.gdk.GC object and forwarding the appropriate calls to it
using a dictionary mapping styles to gdk constants.  In
Postscript, all the work is done by the renderer, mapping line
styles to postscript calls.

The base GraphicsContext stores colors as a RGB tuple on the unit
interval, eg, (0.5, 0.0, 1.0).  You will probably need to map this
to colors appropriate for your backend.  Eg, see the ColorManager
class for the GTK backend.  If it's more appropriate to do the
mapping at the renderer level (as in the postscript backend), you
don't need to override any of the GC methods.  If it's more
approritate to wrap an instance (as in the GTK backend) and do the
mapping here, you'll need to override several of the setter

Definition at line 132 of file backend_template.py.

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